Dating experiences

CW (female) from Bristol: I must admit that I was sceptical of internet dating at first but when I signed on with you that changed. I have been dating this way for a few months now and haven't found Mr Right yet but I have dated a lot of wonderful people - dating this way has changed my social life 100% for the better. The benefit of dating this way is that you can screen out people that you know are not right for you before you meet - I think this saves a lot of time, embarrassment and most importantly, money. Thanks.

HR (female) from Bath: Thank you for changing my life with such a simple dating system - never again will I go to the cattle market nightclubs.

PA (female) from Cheltenham: OK I admit that I signed up with you and one of the other sites that you recommended. I have had great fun dating from both sites - cheers.

JB (male) from Croydon: Didn't sign up with you but went with one of your recommendations and have had real success with my dating. I am now going to sign on with you as well and hope for twice the fun. You can print this on your site if you like. Ta very much!

GS (male) from Bristol: My advice to anyone and everyone is to get online and get dating. I am writing to let you know that I will no longer be using your service because I am engaged and therefore no longer dating. Without you I would not have met my partner (who is 19 weeks pregnant with our first child).

DS (female) from Gloucester: Thank you for providing a site which is easy on my eyes. Some of the others (i have tried a few) are too bright and seem to be for the 18 year olds - I really don't like bright pinks and blues. I also liked the recipes you put on the site - what a good idea. The dating has also been a succcess and I have found some good friends and one very good friend - I shall say no more.

UWOO dating comments: The above feedback has been great but readers should note that it is not the website that makes for a positive dating experience, but you daters. Make sure you read all our dating tips and advice to ensure that you maximise the pleasure you receive from your dating experience.